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The Hall, once an ancient chapel that has now been deconsecrated and scrupulously restored, offers that very Roman mix of sacred and profane, ancient and modern. Golden stars shine on the cobalt blue cross vaults, an echo of Byzantine art. A thick glass panel, tinted ice blue, dimly reveals the marble altar.

In front of this, two large white resin eggs rise from the floor, maintaining the geometric design formed by the polychrome marble. The large eggs house the reception, and if at first glance they might appear futurist in style, they actually refer back to a Renaissance tradition, which saw the egg as a symbol of primal and eternal perfection. From the Hall the guests pass into a drawing-room situated to one side, featuring bronze busts by Paolo Guiotto and the special fountain which the creator has called "The Moon in the Well". In the background hangs a painting by Paolo Giorgi dedicated to The Muses, but there are artistic references everywhere for the visitor to explore, such as the design of the floor in front of the lifts, which reproduces the plan of the Pantheon, or the screen prints on the glass, which show architectural designs by Bernini, Borromini, through to the modulors of Le Corbusier.


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